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Anatomy of a Crusty

Colonization and you

holiday exchange new Hole World Planet

   The pirAnts begin 1997 in good cheer as Hole World expansion continues. This emergence is being acknowledged more and more upon the crust, and Mom is very proud. Though conditions were very challenging, the pirAnts quickly accustomed themselves to holiday celebration by traveling long distances to exchange paper fragments, larvae, and liquid foods.

   Celebration is indeed appropriate with the inaug- uration of the Art Dump, the latest probe findings in FUN, and the gathering of awards down in HoleControl. Further advances in the MoleMachine and Space continue, and the new year promises even more range, prosperity, and eventual domination.

   The colony is growing, and construction is underway to acommodate the growing number of informAnts, mutAnts and pirAnts. Those interested in joining the colony should report to RECRUITMENT. "Y'll a bunch of würms," says the Colonel, "b't I can turn y'l intu Ants, yes I w'll." The process tends to be brief and painless, but some choose to merely SUBMIT to the pirAnts.

   Our informAnts report that they can enhance their crusty experience by acquiring helpers for their plug-in gland. They have been particularly impressed with RealAudio, Quicktime, Shockwave, and StreamWorks. "This self- mutation enables reception of live streaming audio and video" states a workerAnt. "We are building more holes right now that will connect with these exciting transmissions." Eventually broad casting is expected to occur throughout Hole World.

   The pirAnts are as pyst as everyone else by the pre- ponderancy of tremors on the crust which can sometimes cause communication break downs, but they accept it as an element out of their control. This tremor activity can be monitored by a Meteorology Report, for which you need MPEG support in your plug-in gland. Hole World will maintain basic transmission frequencies (html and gif) as to continue building trust with the crust. Until then, we are still digging and we do not apologize for it.