HoleWorlds urban renewal is well under way. The Art Section has been greatly enhanced and the Antropolis Cinema will be reopening soon with whacked out mini movies. Mini movie makers are encouraged to submit work and may do so by dropping by the main entrance of the cinema. Work will be judged on content as well as execution.


  New Crustie artifacts have been uncovered in the ART DUMP. All Crusties are encouraged help join in the dig as it can be both fun and educational.


  Both digital and non- digital art are featured in the ART DUMP. Shows in Hole World are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are free to the public.
  If you know of a good art site we should link up to contact Hole Control and inform us of your find.


Hole Music NEWS

  King Buzz Osborne of the Melvins recently mesmerized a group of pirAnts when they caught their act at the La luna in Portland, Oregon. Check out "what's a buzz" down in the MOLE HOLE. The informAnts have been checking out the coolest shows and new cds... check out show and album reviews for the MELVINS, WEEN, BECK, SONIC YOUTH, and more.
  Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel played near the entrance of HOLE WORLD to a packed house. The informAnts tell us they missed Herb and Ler and are skeptical of "Brain" being able to fill

Herb's very large yellow cartoon skeeter shoes. The pirAnts liked the mutated sounds of MERV. The pistAnts hope Bob Cock enjoyed his 15 min of fame and said they would continue to " dis him until he linked Hole World from the PRIMUS page." In a cruel prank one pistAnt sprayed Appeasement Gland Juice on MERV Haggard and Bob Cock went nuts! It was both sick and embarrassing. For the most part the show was ok but definitely no Primus.


  Jump aboard the SPACE SHIP when you need to blast off and get kooky with the outer. TURN ON your sound capabilities for full effect, dig. Check out SUN RA, ZAPPA, MINGUS, JERRY GARCIA, and others living in the cosmos. Reach the MOTHERSHIP!