w e l c o m e   t o   p l a n e t   s u n   r a

Sun Ra. Welcome to planet Sun Ra, the magical world of experimental jazz with visionary Sun Ra.

THIS  is the  s p a c e  a g e
the  age   b e y o n d  the Earth Age
a different   direction
b e y o n d  the  gravitations
                      of the past
THIS  is the  s p a c e  a g e
this  disguised   TWIN of TOMORROW
striking upon
the Earth with
relentless power like a perpetual whip.
this  IS  the  s p a c e  a g e...
Prepare for the journey!
Y O U   have a  rendezvous
      with the
Living Wisdom
of the Unadulterated Fate.
Prepare for the journey!
Like a  happy child
you will  s t e p  o u t  of the  pages
of the
Blinding Blend of the Book,

     and  g a z e  a s t o u n d e d
at the E N D L E S S  S P A C E  of the  COSMO-VOID.
Your new course  is the  Cosmic Way...
Your new vehicle  is the  Cosmic Plane;
You are to reach /
    the Omni-Cosmo Way
You will learn to  journey with courage...
with Fiery Aim to Find
the even greater day
      of the
 even greater tomorrow.
The C O S M O - T I M E L E S S  Realm
      of the Omni-Evolution-Immortalic Day.
-Sun Ra

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