* * * * * * *
The  m u s i c

is not part of

this planet
in a sense that the spirit of it
is  about happiness.
Most musicians play earth things,
about what they know,
but I found out that they are mostly
u n h a p p y  and  f r u s t r a t e d
and that creeps over  into
their  m u s i c.
But p e o p l e
they have dreams of
going other places
and seeing other things.
Musicians should not get to tied up
in academic things

and their egos and the money thing,
or they'll     
n e v e r  b e  a b le  t o  r e a l l y  c r e a t e.

There are musicians who say
I'm too far from people,
but  e v e r y w h e r e  I  go
people be smilin',
clappin' their hands
and they're happy
So it's N O T  T O O  F A R  O U T,
because people are listening and they
might not know the music   but they connect with
what I'm doing  and that  speaks for itself.
In  every  nation  same  reaction.
In  A m e r i c a t o o, at  l e a s t  it
took them a long time to

wake up.
The teenagers and the sub-teenagers
they are
waking up. I played
a teenage club
called the
Knitting Factory and
people there  were amazed
with what happened.

I'm dealing with
p u r e  s o u n d s.
I call musicians
t  o n e  scientists.
Every musician has to realize  what
t o n e  and what k e y  is good for him mentally.
He must not only play for the people,
he must play for his own well being too.
A lot of musicians do too many things
that are not spiritual.
The whole thing comes
down to survival,
they only think about making money,
but they might be harming themselves mentally,
physically and spiritually beyond repair.
Musicians must protect themselves.


It's really not my band,
it's a creators band.
H e  s e n d s  m e  p e o p l e.
A  fellow I knew, he didn't believe in god,
he is writing me about
two years ago telling me,
"so now I believe in god.
He sends you the worst people he can find for your band.
Why does he treat you so mean?"

And see, I take these people
and I change them completely
and they be playing amazing things.
It's not about how much they know
but how they fit.


Now, if you play in this band
you have to
listen !
Rehearsing wouldn't do anybody no good.
You've got to  l i s t e n  f i r s t
and then you  l i s t e n  to other musicians
and you might find out  that what they play
is imitated rather than created,

and that's when you're awakin' to the fact
that you have to create.
The world needs creators right now.


What I wanna do is mindblowing  the musicians.
I'm dealing with rhythms,
each song I write got to have a different rhythm.
I might change  the rhythm on
             the piano
and that calls for a musician to use his intu i t i o n,
he has to
feel it and fall in
and then  he will hear some music
he never dreamed was possible.

I teach my musicians
not to know things
and that's a totally different thing.
They don't teach that
in schools.


People have a lot more
of the  U N K N O W N
than the known in their minds.
The U N K N O W N is great,
i t ' s  l i k e  t h e  d a r k n e s s
Nobody made that
it just happens.
Light and all that
someone made that,
it's written that they did.
B u t  n o b o d y  m a d e  t h e  d a r k n e s s


My music is about
d a r k   
Dark tradition  means a lot more
than   black tradition.
There is a lot of division in what they call black.
I'm not into division,
I'm into coordination, discipline and precision.


I'm never satisfied with myself.
I wake up every morning and I don't like what I did before,
because it's not going to fit another tomorrow.
But I put all that behind me
and I don't think about nothing but reaching people
with impressions of happiness.
If they get an impression of happiness that's pure,
that has no purpose really,
it just happens like birds fly,
then people can use that impression as foundation
to know the difference between
the makebelieve happiness and the real happiness.


It could really change the planet if
people could only visit some other planets.
I'm trying to get them to F E E L other planets.
And people are ready for something different,
they've had enough trouble on this planet
to know they've got to find an outlet.

I have been o u t a s p a c e
I've had experiences g o i n g o u t t h e r e
I know it's possible.
There are people who think that's crazy,
but it's real.
Dreams are real.
They tell you something.


Maybe 20 years ago
the New York Times said that
I bipassed the spaceage.
But I'm dealing with the omni-age now.
I'm talking about the omniverse
and no longer about the universe.
I used to talk about the universe,
but you have to have desires of
what you really want
and it took me a long time to find out
what I really wanted and finally I decided

I want several solar systems and
quite a few galaxies.
I like that !
That would give me something to do,
you see.

-by Sun Ra