HoleWorld - Guide to the True Underground
( because it's going to get you anyway )
On today's modern world it can be easy to float into the funk. The pirAnts remind you to keep a positive mental attitude and don't let the plastic get you down, even when Toyota rubs your funk the wrong way. For something more whitebread go to GROOVY DECOY. But for those amongst the goo and slabs you can't settle for less than THE REAL SHOE FUNK. Send suggestions to pirAnts@holeworld.com.

Ani DiFranco - Serious White Girl Funk. Ani is a dynamic performer, excellent songwriter, and started her own record label as a teenager. While Ben Harper is "Gentle Rage", Ani DiFranco is more like "Sweet Rage." You might interprete her as a folkie with punk attitude, but her band can really funk it up - so much so that they are on this page.

Galactic - Best kept secret in state-of-the-art analog groove with soulful leanings from new orleans. Instrumental 5-piece + vocalist ruled the festival scene in summer '98 and their debut cd justifies THAT very nicely. Best late night mirror ball band out there.

Joseph Bowie's Home Page - Joey Bowie is going to get you. We haven't heard Defunkt in ages, as pirAnts don't do NYC. They were once the most splendid guitar driven funk band in the hole. Any big apple correspondants give us a clue? pirants@holeworld.com

Listen to His Lordship - Hapnen grooves from Austin. MC OVERLORD is the man with the plan, and usually a tour too. Positive and interesting crossover of hip hop and western psychadelia.

Medeski Marin & Wood - Instrumental funk compounding wicked corners from Jazz's furthest reach, escaped from some nutty circus. They improvise alot, and you want them to. The recent "Combustication" gets interesting touches from DJ Logic.

Mingus Happenings - We know of two that matter. Back east, the Mingus Big Band still kicks it out in NYC. On the left coast we have Mingus Amungus with their dance troupe.

Michael Franti and the Spearhead Factory - Prepare for battle upon the crust as they funk stealthily into the whitebread box making know bones about it. Spearhead has a great cd titled "home".

Make the Mother Ship Connection - GEORGE CLINTON and his P-FUNK ALLSTARS are easy to find on the surface, and you might run into Bootsy or Maceo too. Take a lesson in attitude: free your mind and your asse will follow. Peas.

Make the MOTHER HIPS Connection - This band has been banished to Groovy Decoy.

Ozomatli - The pirAnts first saw Ozomatli when they came marching over the hill banging drums and tooting horns. Plugged in, they became the funkiest band we have heard since the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. This multicultural outfit from L.A. just released their first album and is destined to break some barriers: this is opposite of bland world beat. Special treat if you can see them with DJ Cut Chemist.

Sly and Robbie - DRUM and BASS, STRIPPED to the BONE. Some of you might know them as Peter Tosh's (R.I.P.) old rhythm section. These days, they are post hip industrial groove machines. All other Drum and Bass is melee worms compared to these legends. All hail.

Visit Planet Sun Ra - The pirAnts have determined that Saturn will explode the same day that Sun Ra's "Interstellar Lo-Ways" is used in a General Electric commercial. Better visit while you can.

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