------ ON LINE STRIPS ------

DOODIE.COM - This artist creates a new animation every weekday for free viewing, no plug-in required.
CHILLY BEACH - Flash takes you way up there. True animated cartoon for the web.
FLASHERS - daily comic plus new shockwave animation every wednesday
FRIED SOCIETY - no new editions, but very popular in the Hole
THE MARVEL COMIC STAND - free previews of impending releases
THE PALACE can be your own little comic strip world. You can be who ever you want and travel about while intermingling with other cyber geeks that don't have any thing better to do. It takes a little time to dload the stuff but after you do it's a load of fun, at least for a while. Please take our advise and play with peoples heads while you are there.
RED MEAT - as seen in the weeklies.

SLOW WAVE - Collective dream diary reinterpreted by comic artist.

South Park South Park Palace Site - enter the animated site with your flash plug-in.

Need more info? Check out the...

SPUMCO'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF CARTOONS - recommend shockwave for this site.
THIS MODERN WORLD - as seen in the weeklies.
WOMEN OF MARVEL COMICS - "because there's more to comics than men in tights..."
     If you know of any groundbreaking sites let us know. We still can't find many of our favorite illustrator/animators on-line... if your favorites are, send us the URL we'd love to see something new.