Letters to the pirAnts

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the layout and graphics of your web page! I've been on-line for several years, and read and go through a zillion web pages, probably a week. And, yours is amazing! It's clear, neat, orderly, and even though the graphics are really good, they don't take forever to load either!
   Congratulations on such a great site! =)   K.J.

I knew there had to be a reason for the Internet. Thanks, Antboy

just happened across this universe.....impressed! wanna go deeper....
    - windchic

Greetings Earth People, This loves HoleWorld.com It's one of the best sites in space. A link has been added to Innerspace.
    Omniverserly yours, Shiva

You have the most wierd and outstandingly stupid site I have ever connected to. What the hell is it all about? Do you have any idea what you are doing??????????????

I stumbled across your web page and I thought it was very different. Maybe it's just because I haven't seen that many Web pages but I thought THe HOle was very creative and interesting. Keep it up it's great. - Margy

Here -Something that I expected places- Especially I like that micro concept. It'll be honorable if I liked here. why don't you visit my page. Please get communicate. Good luck pirAnts, - ?

Hey [pirAnts]!
Thanks for the cool link...mutation is the way of all life...alll must be mutated..I feel you understand what I mean.... We are busy setting up the Prawn Song Design Research Labs...You might be intrested in some of the junk were up to.. you in bay area? Come on by! We shall link you up asap on the Primus page... keep care - Bob Cock, Earl Hofert - Prawn Song Design/Research

HELP!!!! My husband fell into a hole and is having so much fun he won't come out. - L.G.

Great site! Love the format of the Holeworld. I put you on my recommended links page. Damn good job! Regards, Dada

hips rule!!!! ............a n d blind no longer....better nailZ i must say!! but i'll leave that to the /\/ / \/\ master LADY M. will report soon........b a c k to theHolE...

what is this all about? by the way, un chien andalusia. - Mongoose

I think your web site rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! - Clarky

I only clicked here because I saw the name Reid Flemming, coincidentally one of America's best ex-croquet players.
Same one?
I Play Cro Quet. - ?

Where are you guys from? Who is your leader? Who is your mother? - Fuzzybear

Just surfed the net a bit and came across your page. It is definitely one of the very best. The most creative page I've come across. Just wanted to say good work. - Brent


Holemasters, Cool site! - Thanks for the link. Keep up the good and YES creative work! Thanks, Gordon

pirAnts RUUUUUULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Gene

Man!! I was just cruising on your page some more and it's cool as hell!! how do you use didn't fonts like that? and what do you use to make those kewl graphics. Man! I could really use your help in making my web page better! - Jake

I has been to hell and I is singed. - ?

Monsieur, Intiressant. Trhs intiressant. J'aime la site. Tu es un trhs bon artiste et dessinateur. Bon travail! Good job, man! I like your style. You are truly odd and worthy of my awards. Take a couple:
Congrats, The Duke of Green Jell-O.

I can "dig" it the "whole" thing! - Boots-n-Spurs

us crusties on the peninsula want to be loyal informants for theHolE! we do here by solemly swear to sweat to Live tasty tunes of original insaneness whilst chugging mucho grande el loco cervesas, AND.. will willingly report our dazed perception of said small cluB oddities or pay the penalty of permanent crustation. - bob&monica

...Nonetheless, I am really impressed with your hole.. I have never seen such different work... I've been on the internet for 6 years and watched HTML from the beginning. I will recomend you. Even if I can't spell - roger

You won CDnow's Cool Music Site of the Week!! Grab yourself an award banner from http://cdnow.com/links. You can check out the listing of your site at http://cdnow.com/coolmusic. It will be up later this afternoon. I really liked your page. Thanks for the experience, and keep up the great work. - nyles

aol hole searcher bmild here. i slothed around a bit...but need to go deeper into the hole. need to dnload from netscpe... would like to be of assistance !..... very cool.....later

ummmm, dirt and darkness. - CBGB

Whoa! Very cool, indeed. I just scratched the surface of the hole (!) and I like it lots. Cool sand background. Cool lots of things. I may have some HTML questions coming up. I'll get even with you yet! - C

Interesting site to say the least! - ?

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